Chandelier : An Elegant way for Home decor

  • A Chandelier can glorify any place just by its presence. A thematic definition to a room is incomplete without a chandelier. They add to beauty and class by their style. In earlier times, huge chandeliers were put up in palaces, to give them a Heavenly look. When all lights were lit up, it seemed that they had enlightened the soul of the palace. World`s largest Bohemian crystal chandelier has 750 lamps and weighs 4.5 tons. Queen Victoria had gifted it and is placed in Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul. Even, a few decades ago, having a chandelier in a house, signified high social status. So, in short, Chandeliers, directly spoke of a person.s class.
  • But in today.s modern era, chandeliers have become accessible to everyone as they have undergone a revolutionary transformation. With its uncountable variety and afford-ability, anyone can have the pleasure of making it a possession. From contemporary to modern, subtle to stylish, affordable to expensive, pick one which tempts you the most and feel the difference it brings to your house. Choosing one chandelier among infinite designs can be a difficult task. One should buy only relevant stuff, which is in harmony with the interior of house. Although, mixing and matching tastes can be a great fun, but, complimentary articles give a more graceful look.
  • Chandeliers are available in almost every material. From the exquisite crystal glass chandeliers to polished brass and further more handy iron chandeliers. Different themes in which chandeliers can be found are Crystal, Alabaster Stone, Glass, Tiffany/Stained Glass, Victorian, Renaissance, Tuscan, Wrought Iron and many more. To compliment themes chandeliers are done with various finishes like pewters, wooden finish, chrome finish, gold tones, nickel tones etc.
  • Placing right thing at right place is the final trick. Before putting up the chandelier, it`s must to ascertain its exact location and position. A place can speak volumes for its beauty if it has the right accessory and on the contrary a wrong choice can turn same place lifeless. Use of colors with different finish enhances beauty of the product. A simple room can become charming with use of colorful lights.
  • Lighting also affects an area. In the absence of proper lighting, an area can look very small. So, if proper lighting is done the same place may seem to be even larger. Likewise, a chandelier`s light should be able to add volume to a place. Proper lighting over your dining table can make your meals more enjoyable. Another main thing to be considered while putting on a chandelier is the height at which it should be placed. The higher the chandelier is, the more it gives lighting and looks more beautiful. But that doesn`t mean that it should be placed very close to the ceiling; the height should be optimum.
  • One should also consider light requirements. Only recommended bulb wattage should be used to have proper illumination. Some models also come with an adjustable panel. These help in saving energy. It is also very important to keep it clean to retain its beauty.
  • Though each piece has a story, but if you are really in search of Exotic Beauty and Exuberant Designs than you can not miss the Marie Antoinette collection by Nulco, which is a very famous lighting fixtures manufacturing brand. Use of crystals, Swarovski, silver and best craftsmanship makes them look Amazing!! Even the minute detailing is to the Perfection, which makes these chandeliers more expensive than its contemporaries.
  • As, it is rightly said that, A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever!! So, get home an exclusive and artistic chandelier today and relish its Beauty for days to come.


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