Steal the Limelight with Outrageously Stylish Low Heeled Boots

  • It is said that diamonds are a girl`s best friend. One thing which is not that costly as diamond, but is equally luscious for a girl is a pair of shoes. Women can`t get fed up of making addition of shoes to their wardrobe now and then. Wide varieties of stylish shoes are available in markets that have ability to shoot up the pace of a woman`s heart beat. Be it a party, social setting or an official meeting, right kind of shoes matched up with dress is of utmost importance. But when it comes to party, getting hold of a stylish pair of shoes is impeccable. Women wearing high heeled shoes look gorgeous, but after sometime it starts giving unbearable pain to feet.
  • Boots don`t have to be only high heeled in order to look fashionable and sexy. A pair of low heeled boots, nicely paired up with a sizzling dress, can also add charm and class to wearer`s look. These boots are very elegant, stylish and comfortable at same time. Low heeled boots give freedom to wearer to dance, walk around easily, enjoy, without getting worried about pain that high heeled stiletto gives. So slip into stylish low heeled shoes and flaunt your real self.
  • Let`s make out a list of stylish low heeled shoes, best for every occasion.
  • Kitten Heels: Girls, who love small heels but don`t want to wear a pump or stiletto, can fetch a cool pair of kitten heels. Kitten heels have slight heel, usually about an inch and a half. This pair of shoes can go with almost any attire. Kitten heels are tapered like stiletto, but as the heel is only 1-2 inches, effect is more sexy and comfy.
  • Low-heeled Pump: A pair of low heeled pump is best for any occasion. It can work in party, office, everywhere. A black low heeled pump can add a touch of glamour to every dress and suit. A tapered version of these shoes can do wonders while adding a little more stability to heel.
  • Ballet Slippers: Classic styles of shoes that can never go out of style are ballet slippers. These have become very fashionable now. They are low heeled, available in variety of flashy colors and are best for a prom party. They symbolize grace and elegance. Ever since Audrey Hepburn wore these shoes in her films, ballet slippers have become must have pair of shoes for every fashionable woman. It can be worn under long gown or paired up with a short dress.
  • Leather Boots: Leather Boots are perfect for any woman, who wants to have an upscale look and be comfy at same time. You don`t have to wear high heeled leather boots, small heels can also enhance the look fantastically and make you center of attraction. If you need to wear boots that has ability to keep you look good while staying comfortable, then tall leather boots are best pick.
  • Wedges: If you want some height but have got tired of wearing a pump then, a wedge is the best option. Wedges are more comfortable than heels as it runs through length of sole, making it very stylish, fit for every party and elegant at same time.
  • Dye-ables: Dye-ables are shoes that come in almost every shape and style from high heels to flats. Going for low heeled dye-ables can serve dual purpose. Firstly, these can be dyed to match the color of your prom gown, corsage or any accessory. Secondly these will give you full freedom to flaunt yourself.
  • Strappy sandals: Dressy strappy sandals in a flat style or with an inch can be a good option for a party. Strappy sandals, embellished with sequins, stones and beads add to the beauty of wearer without any discomfort.
  • Flip flops: For a beach party, flip flops adorned with flowers and jewels is, ultimate. These come in variety of colors and designs and are really `in` these days. Wearing flashy flip flops to an exotic beach party is a very stylish and unique idea.
  • Loafers: Loafers are gaining popularity these days. Thousands of footwear options are available, but loafers are great pick. They are elegant and better for health than high heels. Wearing loafers feels almost like you`re walking on clouds. Slip them on and off in seconds and you`re ready to go. Loafers come in variety of styles and colors, and are best to tune with jeans or even slacks.
  • Shoes, undoubtedly, are girl`s best friend. Women`s wardrobe is always full of shoes, but lack of a comfortable pair of low heeled shoes can prove to be a disaster. So, get the right kind of stylish, comfy, low heeled shoes and add spark to every occasion.


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