Advantages of VoIP Business Phone Systems!

Entrepreneurship is aware of the need for communication in its day to day activities. Without it, no business can even dream to flourish. No matter how small or big an enterprise is; reliable and cost effective telecommunication system is core of every organization. Of-course enterprises want to develop valuable and reputable relationships with their customers, sellers and other business entourages without any communication and networking barriers. Opting for a professional business phone system is extremely crucial to jump over hurdles on the path to success, and unified communication is best way to get businesses on track.

What is VoIP?
VoIP known as Voice over Internet Protocol, makes use of Internet's packet-switching capabilities, for offering high-quality phone services. It refers to all those communication protocols, techniques and technologies that involve transmission of voice and multimedia over Internet. VoIP takes analog audio signals and converts them into digital signals that can be transmitted over Internet.

Benefits of using VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Increases Flexibility Of Existing Phone Systems:
VoIP offers an enhanced level of flexibility and reliability to businesses. At any point of time number of features, channels, and extensions can be increased or decreased according to business requirements. Further it doesn't require any complex technical configuration or extra expense. Using Internet, businesses can effectively stay in touch with other entourages, employees, and business partners across the globe. This eliminates imperative face to face meetings, cutting down on traveling time & cost plus fuel expenses.

Reduces Telecommunication Costs:
Internet is backbone for VoIP! IP Phone systems automatically reduce costs of business communication infrastructure, as there's no need to maintain separate phone network plus no taxes and surcharges are imposed. Hence, businesses can save huge money incurred on phone bills. Moreover, VoIP systems cost about half the cost of traditional phone systems while offering much more benefits. Businesses can save up to 40% on local calls and save up to 90% on international calls.

Get Phone Numbers According to Business Choice:
Integration of VoIP numbers can be easily done with existing phone number(s) through Local Number Portability. VoIP business phone system gives any business a dynamic local representation by offering freedom to choose phone numbers and area codes as per requirements.

Collaborative Business Features:
VoIP solutions give businesses a bump with one connection and multiple benefits. In addition to crystal clear HD like voice quality, businesses avail features including auto attendant, IVR, toll free numbers, voice mailing, virtual numbers, record professional greeting messages, faxing, call forwarding, call queues, three way calling, extension mobility, and more. These services can even be accessed through email account.

Easy Administration and Maintenance:
All administrative functions are performed on network by single browser based program i.e. business phone systems can be configured and monitored from anywhere.

Reduced Data traffic:
Audio and video communication occurs from peer to peer, which reduces traffic and congestion at server.

No-Extra Hardware Required:
VoIP business systems are extremely portable. These virtual numbers require least of cables and minimal technical expertise for their setup. If a business is changing its location, these phone numbers can go with it across the world. So, this is what every company desires and Unified IP takes control of business needs to offer reliable cost effective solutions.

Increases Productivity:
VoIP phone numbers can be simultaneously configured on multiple devices such as landlines and cell phones. This means on-site or off-site, businesses can increase productivity without missing a single call from their customers. Everyone in the organization can stay connected to share & take important business decisions.

Manage Mobile Workforce:
Robust and cost-effective VoIP services help in connecting mobile workers with their colleagues sitting at desk. VoIP integrates mobile workforce and helps boosting performance. Important calls can also be directly routed to any registered mobile number.

High-Def Video Conferencing:
VoIP services make use of Internet to offer businesses a real time video conferencing solution. Face to face online meetings can be carried out at reasonable prices using VoIP's advanced bandwidth capabilities.

VoIP is all the rage among business entrepreneurs. More and more organizations are opting for integration of this productive business telecommunication system. Businesses can easily save on considerable amount of time and resources by switching from traditional phone lines to inexpensive VoIP services.

VoIP helps in integration of voice, video, and data services into small and medium businesses. Its features allow any business to manage calls, access additional services and extra tools for an enhanced unified communication experience. To have more information on VoIP benefits for businesses switch over to Unified IP. For 15 days free-trail, get Unified IP coupons from


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