Exercises to improve vision and keep your eyes healthy

  • Eyes, most vital part of human body, imitate one`s soul, emotions, moods, personality and allow enjoying beautiful world. Having beautiful eyes without any vision problems is a dream of everyone as it offers the way of enhancing looks, appearance and improving self confidence.

  • Everyone faces some kind of eye problems; eye vision is most common and main problem among many of us. Contact lens and glasses are being used as a solution for improving eye vision and having better visibility. But there`s still an alternative to glasses, contact lens and laser surgery that helps improving natural vision.

  • Eye exercise is the true substitute that improves vision on day to day basis by allowing eyes to relax completely. Nowadays, exercises if performed constantly, proves quite effective on preventing common vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, aging vision, night vision, astigmatism, eye strain and headache.

  • In this modern world where everyone is busy in their lives, working on computer, playing computer games and increased television watching are found to be the major causes of various eye problems. Mostly, children are suffering from these causes and their power of vision is reducing.

  • Eye exercising helps in treatment of various eye disorders, provide relief, relaxation, reduces eye fatigue and strain on eyes; thus allowing eyes to remain strong and fit. Even doctor and eye specialists recommend use of exercises for keeping eyes healthy; protecting them from various disorders and helps improves vision.

  • Remember, one thing that eye exercises are not successful in curing serious eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma and more. It just strengthens eye muscles; enhances blood circulation and improves vision. These must be performed regularly, may be 10-15 minute or as per your daily schedule for keeping them healthy; can be done anywhere or anytime and works well for all age groups.

  • Following is the list of exercises for strengthening eyes muscles and improving vision:

  • Palming: one of the best exercises; all you need to do is to rub your palms against each other and place your warming hands on eyes, thus providing relief and relaxation.

  • Blinking: very simple exercise that maintains focus and concentration for longer time; keeps eyes relaxed and fresh.

  • Zooming: strengthens your focusing skills and your eye muscles. For this, focus on your thumb, bring it close, away from your arm and focus on it for few minutes.

  • Rolling your eyes: Just move your eyes in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction; also can make use of pencil and focus on pencil by bringing it towards your nose.

  • Massage: helps moisten your eyes. Close your eyes and massage them gently with your fingers in circular direction for 2-3 minutes.

  • These exercises improve concentration and coordination, eliminates stress, relaxes eye muscles and helps improve vision. Proper and healthy diet having lots of vitamins and nutrients, splashing water on eyes many times a day and drinking lot of water are a way for having better eye sight.

  • Perform eye exercises for healthier eyes!


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