Choosing Gifts for Kids according to Age and Gender

  • Games and toys are always a fun for kids of all ages. Toys have always been main attraction of all children throughout the world. Every kid wants to have a plethora of toys in his or her bedroom. On the other hand, games have their own excitement and enthusiasm. There are number of toys and games which act as a medium for kids to learn and live their dreamy world in the way they want.

    Kids like to collect and play with different toys but their needs and choices may change with time. Some toys are made according to the gender of kids, like dolls for girls and cars for boys; while some toys can be played by both boys and girls like indoor and outdoor games. Whether it.s their birthday, Christmas or any other occasion, gifting toys and games to kids is enough to bring a big smile on their faces. But sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a perfect gift for them. Following are some ideas which will help you to decide what to buy as gift for boy or girl according to their age.

    Learning Toys or Educational Toys for small kids:Educational toys are always a great gift for kids of age 3-10. Such toys have proven themselves to be beneficial for kids not only in their early development stage but also in individual's living in certain disabilities. Toys are considered as educational toys when they instruct and promote individual's intellect.

    Educational toys are best way to enhance physical, social and emotional development in children of all ages, especially for kids under 10, because their brain is just like a developing plant. The more you nourish, the more it grows. Toys like architectural building blocks are an instance of interactive way of teaching your kid with basics of how buildings, towers and bridges stand. Musical instruments, manipulative, riding bikes, all constitute learning toys.

    Games and Puzzles for grown up kids:Grownups or children above age of 10 want something that has lot of enthusiasm. Children of this age love to play outdoor games like baseball or basketball. They are fond of video games and like to solve puzzles. These games are really very helpful in developing child ability to think. Puzzles and games help child to stimulate his/her concentration power, where as video games improve eye-hand coordination along with timing.

    Games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Nim and Kalah, and puzzles like Eights Puzzle and Rubik's cube are challenging to children but at the same time it helps to increase reasoning power of a child. So we should encourage our children for such activities by gifting them a nice indoor or outdoor game or a puzzle. Different video games, number games, geometrical puzzles are available on various online stores like ToysRUs, LeapFrog, One Step Ahead and many more.

    One can also gift toys according to the gender of the child.

    Toys for Girls: Girls are very sweet and soft heartened by nature and are darlings of their parents. Girls usually prefer to play indoor games, or with their favorite Disney fantasy fairies. They love to have various sets for their doll such as Fairy Princess Cookie Set, Flowerpot Pudding Kit and mini wardrobe full of their fairies dresses and accessories. Girls also love stuffed animals, so one can gift young girl with her favorite animal as stuffed toy. Stuffed toys are really classy and timeless.

    Toys for Boys: Boys are usually very naughty from their early age of life as compared to girls. Boys are physically active and imaginative; one of the reasons may be due to the influence of superhero versus non superhero toys for boys. Boys between the ages of 5-12 are really fond of their favorite superheroes or favorite cartoon character. At this age Dragon World Fortress is cool and just complex to keep little boys busy. If one gifts a boy with micro toy car then he will be very happy because of its great features. Toy gadgets like video cameras, cell phones, latest technology TVs, notebooks, and laptops are most popular toys for boys of all ages as they always have soft corner for these gizmos.

    Various online stores provide special discounts and free shipping offers on their products. Online shopping is a great way to shop in comfort and convenience of your home. You can save a big amount of money while shopping online for toys and games with Target coupons and Sears coupons.

    So, go ahead and give your child the perfect gift!!


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