Celebrate World Environment Day 2013 - Think.Eat.Save!

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on June 5 every year. This day focuses on important environmental issues and has become one of the main vehicles through which United Nations create worldwide awareness regarding environment.

On the same day, June 5 in year 1972 the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was created, and WED was first celebrated in 1973 to tackle various environmental issues. Being hosted yearly by a different city with a different theme; it gives emphasizes on environment protection.

Environment Day helps realizing our responsibility and power in order to support sustainable and equitable development. It encourages people across the world to come forward and join hands to ensure "cleaner, greener and brighter" prospect for present and future generations.

For year 2013 World Environment Day celebrates the theme of "Think.Eat.Save!" It's an anti-food loss and food waste campaign that motivates us to reduce our foodprint. According to FAO, each year 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted. Furthermore, over 20,000 children under the age of 5 die daily because of starvation and 1 in 7 people go to bed without eating anything. This huge imbalance in lifestyle imposes devastating effects on our environment. So this year's theme - Think.Eat.Save creates awareness among people regarding environmental impact of their food choices and encourages them to take informed decisions.

It's rightly said "Change starts from you!" This food-inspired campaign encourages everyone to take action from home and witness the power of collaborative decisions made by you and others to cut-down food waste, save money, reduce environmental impact of food production and drive food production processes to become more effective & efficient.

Steps to Reduce Your Impact on Environment!
  • First straight forward step one can take is to make informed decisions as mentioned above. It means select those food items that have less impact on environment. Choosing organic foods that involve "no chemicals" in their production would be one beneficial step.
  • Buying food from local market is another important step to be taken. Plan what you need before going for food shopping and make sure to reuse the leftovers to reduce wastage.
  • Create awareness campaigns in your locality and bring people under one roof to motivate them for making sound decisions regarding environment issues. Create banners, posters regarding environmental health to attract people from different directions. Present mementos to people who have taken great steps to benefit the environment, so that it encourages others as well.
  • Use sustainable modes of transportation and encourage others to opt for same. Use public transport or prefer use of bicycle as a means of transportation. Walking is another great option to consider.
  • We are unaware of how much we are contributing in wastage of energy and resources every day. Forgetting to switch off television, lights, fans and other electrical appliances, unplugged chargers, overflowing bucket of water, and more contribute to huge energy loss. Keeping a check on these small things is important to make a big difference.
  • Plant more trees in your society.
  • Encourage friends, colleagues and family to join hands with various environmental organizations. Curb all of your unsustainable activities and remember one step can change the world!
  • Go green and remodel your garden space. Do composting to boost production of your garden. Plant seasonal crops, herbs, and spices in your garden that give extra benefits besides their beauty. Buy some eco-friendly products like garden furniture by grabbing coupons for Gaiam, and Bambeco discount offers from CouponAlbum, and contribute towards a healthier living place.
  • Follow 4Rs - Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Any individual can contribute towards his planet by rethinking about resources he uses. Opt for using renewable energy resources and reduce usage of non-renewable ones. This would be a major step in this direction. Recycling and reusing polybags, cans, bottles, clothes, and more would lead to less wastage and thus environment will remain more conserved.
  • Conduct environmental education programs in schools and colleges to make students aware about their role towards environment and what they can do for a healthier, safer society.
  • Make resolution to keep your surroundings clean.

We all should strive for becoming better stewards of earth. Keeping our environment preserved and protected should be our foremost goal. This WED analyze state of your environment and take steps for conserving it. Remember every effort counts towards building a more sustainable environment for humanity. Well! Possibilities are endless to save environment and reduce disaster risk, it's up to you how you take it.

Have a Green World Environment Day!


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