Bling On With Summer Jewelry Trends 2013!

Summer fun in ON! It's best time to embrace colorful bold fashion statement. Sparkling summer jewelry is best way to transform any dull outfit to super-sophisticated. Women just can't live without precious gemstones and diamonds studded in beautiful trinkets. Summer 2013 is giving plenty of opportunities to explore glittering fun. Grab wild & bold designs to bright hues, for adding a little drama in any look.

From over-sized jewelry to pyramid of colorful jewelry styles, black & white styles, fringe & floral jewelry, and more, summer has a lot to fulfill the designer cravings when it comes to jewelry wardrobe. Jewelry adorned with sparkly crystals, colorful rhinestones, funky beads, glaring sequins, whimsical spikes, classic pearls, and more can also reckon some dazzle to your hot weather look. For a more classical yet contemporary fashion statement, A-listers can be seen donning vintage styles, geometric shape jewels along with tribal jewelry inspired by various cultures. Summer jewelry trends 2013 are all about color, texture, and incredible designs. This season love for accessories is raising high like temperature. Complement your look with not-so-simple statement necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and more.

summer jewelry trends 2013

Read more to find out what to pair up with your warm weather and light wardrobe:

Geometrical Jewelry:
Large and bold geometrical shaped jewelry is a cool way to capture attention. This ultra-modern and chic trend can instantly embrace any outfit. When picking this kind of a style, focus on repetitions. Circle and triangle are the most popular geometric shapes for 2013.

Gemstone Jewelry:
Every month signifies a particular gemstone that provides positivity and good fortune to the wearer. Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Turquoise, and more are some popular gemstones. Craze for colored gems is not new and their craving continue to dominate 2013 runways and red carpet. These ethically mined and traded jewels are in limelight since time immemorial and have not lost their charm till today. Well-known for its astrological believes, gemstone jewelry is summer's most popular trend for splash of color it offers.

Neon Jewelry:
Women love colors! Open to a new style of neon jewelry trend by adding a few updated pieces in your accessory kit. You will see neon greens, yellow, oranges and pink everywhere this summer season. They not only gather attention but also look gorgeous on every complexion. Bright colorful fashion jewelry will inject a pop of colory style to any boring outfit, without being too flashy.

Oversized Jewelry:
Small diamond earrings, fragile necklaces, usual bracelets, and simple rings are now a history. Oversized jewelry is taking summer 2013 by a wave. An instant update to a dull outfit, chunky oversized jewelery trend has shown no signs of slow down since 2011. Oversized jewelry seems to have magical powers of turning a girl-next-door to high-glam diva with attention-seeking designs, refreshing colors, and modern materials. Statement necklaces, giant cocktail rings, chandelier earrings, and giant beaded bracelets, are the craze right now. Big multi colored jewelry pieces crafted with gold coins, beads, raffia, resin, gemstones, crystals, sequins, and more, are a must-have for summer 2013.

Fringe jewelry:
This Flapper-inspired look is not only for western wear or handbags; but for jewelry as well. Fringe layered necklaces and rings have been dominating red carpet and accessories stores from some time and are still hanging on. Grapple fringe necklaces, earrings and bracelets and jazz up your outfit with this trend to glamorize it.

Floral Jewelry:
You might have seen floral fantasy on clothes but don't forget to add this trend to your accessories this summer. There are endless options for embracing beautiful floral jewelry trend - from necklaces to rings to earrings; wear them for any occasion with almost anything. Floral jewelry would definitely add flower power to your outfit.

Black and White:
The most striking and classical combination - "Black n White" is included in the list of summer jewelry trends this year. Black and white jewelry pieces are perfect contrast to any outfit. To add bold edge to your look, incorporate this style statement into your wardrobe. This trend will surely never go out of style.

Gather a lot of attention this season putting together right apparel and jewelry that can instantly put on the bling. These hottest jewelry trends popping up summer 2013 can easily spice up your wardrobe and express your witty style statement. Certainly, you don't have to spend huge to pacify your trinket cravings. With multiple jewelry coupons you can easily get enough of your favorite statement necklaces, gemstone styles, chunky bracelets, colorful earrings or more. So, what are you waiting for? Go glam and frugal at the same time with head-turning jewelry trends.


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