10 Ways To Save Money On Restaurant Bills!

Dining out at local restaurants is just irresistible for most of us. Well it's the easiest way to fill an empty stomach and get relief from the trouble of cooking and cleaning dishes. Moreover nothing is better than an outing with a good meal and conversation shared with loved ones. Unfortunately; eating out can be a strain to a monthly budget leaving you with a little lighter purse. But now without any hurdles in next meal out; one can still save heavy bucks on a restaurant bill. Without giving up idea of quality food; one can enjoy at restaurants and slash down those bills at the same time. For that you need to catch up with some money saving tips and ideas to save money at eateries without starving your wallet:

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Set a limit: This should be the foremost task when it comes to saving money while eating out. Set aside a maximum possible amount beyond which you won't be spending at a lounge restaurant. Before deciding a restaurant; set a maximum limit if one is keen to save.

Have a lunch outside - not dinner: Lunch menus are 20 percent less expensive than a dinner menu. It's better to plan a lunch outside with your friends or family than to have meals during overcrowded nights. Many restaurants offer great deals during afternoon on same meal which they serve for dinner. For substantial savings; go for lunch specials!!!

Dine during mid-weeks: Quit dining out during weekends if possible. Many restaurants offer mid-week offers to enable customers dine on slower nights usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Reason behind this is low patronage on these days as compared to Saturday and Sunday evenings. Moreover some places offer "happy hour" schemes and deals on drinks, appetizers and more during certain hours of the day. If available; grab this opportunity to have a quality meal!

Order full-size meal: Half meals are only few dollars less than full ones; so always order a full meal. If you can't eat that whole stuff; bring those leftovers home. For example if you order 2 big size pancakes, 2 toast slices and a chicken streak for a lunch; consume chicken later at home for dinner. In this way enjoy two dishes at price for one!!!

Skip certain menu items: For trimming expensive restaurant bills; this can be a great step. Neglect soda, wine, coffee and other pricey drinks and prefer only tap water with meals. These drinks will not just ruin one's health but will affect his wallet too. Save precious dollars by not ordering mineral water bottle. If you are really itching for a drink; head to a grocery store to buy that. Moreover deserts constitute major expense of food bills at restaurants despite their small quantity. Always tend to skip these overpriced items. Remember to order them only if you own a coupon.

Use coupons and coupon codes: There is no sense in giving a full price for a meal when its relevant coupons are available. Moreover coupons stretch one's "dining out" budget. So, spare some time daily to clip coupons of your favorite restaurant to get discounts on every meal. They can be easily found on restaurant's website, in local newspapers and on online coupon sites in form of coupon codes. Make sure to redeem restaurant coupons for heavy discounts on almost every restaurant's meal.

Check for Special discounts, rewards program and gift cards: To minimize dining expense; do ask restaurants for special discounts. Some offer various types of discounts like senior citizen discount, frequent-eaters discount and discount to military personnel and more. Never be shy to ask for such deals. Moreover to get more and more customers in the door; these eateries offer restaurant gift cards; grab them to enjoy considerable savings. Sign up for email alerts, text messages and rewards program of a restaurant website. They are a great way to get best discounts.

Eat at buffets: Buffets are one's best bet when it comes to saving dollars on meals. One will be able to have variety of food stuff- an entree, dessert, drink and an appetizer for one set price. Make sure drinks don't cost extra dollars but whatever it may be; ordering shakes, juices and other beverages will be more costly at any other place. Best is to eat at a buffet restaurant on weekdays (Mon-Fri) and that too during lunch hours.

Kids' meal: Kids' meals are generally inexpensive than adult ones and are usually the perfect size. So try to order from a "kiddie meal" whenever you step out to dine with family. Moreover certain places offer "free meal for kids" deals or two kids' meal free with one adult meal. Why not grab this opportunity?

Try a new restaurant: To gain customers; new restaurants offer meals at decent prices. Visiting a new place is fun and economical both. But trying a new restaurant may be risky regarding quality of food but once you are satisfied with it; plan to visit that place again. So search for new restaurants to enjoy that decent-priced meal.

Eating out is such a big treat in itself that no one wants to miss a chance to indulge in it. Fortunately without giving a second thought; dining out with family and friends is possible while saving dollars at the same time. Follow above tips and grab Restaurant coupons and other food coupons available at CouponAlbum. Now enjoy hefty savings whenever you plan to dine out!

Author: Maria Johnson


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