Hottest Nail Art Designs!

Trendy nail art is very popular among girls as they love to adorn their nails with creative designs. It is a simple and gorgeous way to add flair to one's everyday look. After nail art lovers like Katy Perry and Rihanna rocked the red carpet with this adorable trend; nail art is popping up everywhere. Well nail art can be subtle or wild as you want. Nails painted with glittering and sparkling designs to French designs; style list is endless.

For jazzing up a beauty routine; kick off with manicure and practice nail art. You need not make a trip to beauty parlors or salons for getting those scented designs engraved on your nails; you can try simple yet gorgeous nail art designs at home itself. Here is a list of some amazing yet easy-to-do nail art ideas at home:

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Newspaper Nail Art: What's trendier than to have latest information engraved on your nails? This art is simplest yet impressive way to adorn nails. From the name itself; it might appear difficult to put on but in reality it is the easiest form of nail art. Follow these steps to have this incredible effect on nails:

First step is to wash nails to remove any dirt. To protect nails apply a basecoat and let it dry completely. Paint nails in light nail polish color such as light grey, pink or nude. Take isopropyl alcohol and pour this in a small glass or jar. Dip each nail after been completely dried up into jar of this rubbing alcohol for approx. 7 seconds. Cut a smallest piece of newspaper and press it firmly on nails. Peel it off gently. Ink from paper will be engraved on your nails. For a final touch apply top coat for some extra shine. This step is necessary for newspaper ink to stay on nails. Remove nail polish from sides of nails by using ear bud. Newspaper nail art is done!!!

Strawberry Nail Art: Who doesn't love strawberries? Not only as a sweet delight; girls want to sweeten things up with strawberry nail art too. To depict charming redness of strawberries on your nails follow some steps for this simple nail art :

Wash your hands and apply a solid base coat. This layer will strengthen and protect nails. After nails get dry; apply strawberry or cherry red color and let dry again. You can also choose pink bubble gum nail color polish. With a fine detailed brush and dark green color; make "A" shape leaf without any lines crossing each other. Continue to fill in the leaves till edge of nail. Outline edges of leaves with light green nail polish. Using a tooth pick or dotting tool, draw polka dots with white, black or yellow nail paint. After letting nails dry; apply top coat. Delighting strawberry nails are ready!!!

Panda Nail Art: Want to try cute Panda Art but don't know how to start? No problem!!! It is another simplest yet brightest way to decorate nails. Animal designs are really worthy of seeking anyone's attention. Take a glance on these simple steps for this art:

Wash hands and to keep nail paint to stay longer on nails; apply a base coat. On top half of nail; apply a large circle with white nail polish. Take a dotting tool and draw two ears with black paint over white circle. Using same dotting tool; draw two eyes with same color. Now take another dotting tool of smaller size than previous one and draw a small dot with black paint below the eyes. This will work as nose. After all paints have dried up; add two smaller circles with white paint over the eyes. For extra shine; apply a top coat. Cute Panda is ready to growl!

Facebook Nail Art: Show your love for social networking sites like Facebook through your nails. It is an awesome art to show one likes to surf. Well it very easy; catch it up with some simplest steps:

Paint nails with solid blue color. Let nails dry. You may or may not use base coat for this art. Take light blue nail paint and paint tips of nails with it. One can do this free hand or stick a tape to get a straight line. After paints get dry; with a brush dipped in white nail color; make a "Facebook logo". Make a rough design first and then add a final touch to it. (You have to stare your desktop for that!!!). Apply a topcoat. Facebook nails creating glittering effect are ready!!

Glitter Nails: Who doesn't adore glitters? And the same can be included in nail art too. Moreover to give nails a funky look; glitters can do that job. Glittering nails are only meant for Christmas parties; but can be worn all year round. Follow these steps:

Apply a transparent or colored base coat as per your liking. Select a colorful glitter for nails that just matches with base coat. While base coat is wet; sprinkle glitters to cover coat fully. Alternatively; one can also sprinkle glitters only on half of nails including tips. Allow paint to dry. To add a finishing touch; apply top coat. Sparkling nails are here!!!

Nautical Nail Art: Nautical nail art is an easy way to draw attention. It is one of the glamorous art designs ever. To add a bold touch to everyday look; one should definitely try this one!!! Here are the steps to get this art done:

Paint base of nails with solid navy blue nail polish. Once it gets dry; apply readymade white strips available in many manicure kits. Use cuticle nippers or small scissors to clip extra part of strips close to edge of nails. Take a thin paint brush and draw a heart with bold red color paint on each nail wherever you want. After it gets dry; apply top coat to induce extra shine. Nautical strips are ready!!! Grab SkinStore coupons available at CouponAlbum for hefty discounts on every nail product.

Nail art has never been trickier to include in one's daily style. Just like celebrities; every girl can use nail art fashion to glam up her look. Create any design using your creativity and that nail art becomes unique in itself. If you don't know how to start; follow these steps to create simplest and gorgeous art on your nails.

Author: Maria Johnson


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