How to Organize Office - 7 Useful Tips!

Whether people work in office or at home; they spend most of the time at workplace. Moreover they want their workplace to look as professional as they are!!! Sometimes it's hard to find things; there's CD's, there's software; whole stuff explodes all over the office which at the same time creates bad impression on who so ever finds it messy. Well to keep an office well organized is the biggest challenge every professional faces; and keeping the same saves time and makes one more effective, efficient and productive.

Well to help you in boosting your office productivity; here are some fantastic tips:

how to organize office

Pick a Right Desk: Picking a right desk is the foremost choice one should make for organizing office. Just picking an old piece of wood with multiple drawers and placing it in workplace doesn't make an office well-organized. Consider a location where it is to be kept and then pick a right size. Well desk should be big enough for organizational material. Find the most suitable one only after looking at its pros and cons.

Get rid of useless paper stuff and other items: Most of the messiness is due to useless stuff entangled all around your desk. Get rid of unusual useless things which are making that place messier. Spend time to purge workplace of everything that is no longer in use. Get rid of -
  • Paper clips that have lost their shape
  • Pens that can no longer be used
  • Outdated documents and old magazines
  • Broken equipment like old phones, printers and other stuff
  • Supporting documents like cancelled receipts and checks etc.

Box up important documents and files: Look for stacking boxes and other storage bins for keeping official documents. Go for boxes with different colors so it becomes easy to remember which file is in which box so you won't give it a second thought for opening a particular box. This is indeed the most stylish storage option to keep document files. Moreover your mood will automatically improve after seeing everything in its place.

Organize desk drawers: Stash office supplies apart from documents in desk drawers that too in a hierarchy. Take time to refill them and prioritize them according to ease of access. Keep essential supplies in topmost one which should be on the side of your dominant hand and go on filling other drawers accordingly. Time will automatically be saved when things you need are close at hand.

Relocate personal stuff: Take everything off from desk which is not related directly with your work. One would love to adore cute photos of his family, but do they really need to be in the middle of desk place? Well there would be other personal stuff like greeting cards, mementos and souvenirs, plants and coffee mugs you would love to keep near you; but they should be arranged creatively. Choose your favorite family photo and hang it on sidewall instead of keeping it on desk. Put plants on top of a filling cabinet or hang them from hooks. Build a separate shelf for awards and souvenirs.

Organize shelves with dividers: Well one can convert that giant looking book case to a manageable storage system. Prevent it from becoming a chaotic by organizing it well. Position book case behind desk and arrange all the items in a consistent manner. Keep management books in one place, technical in other. If you need quick access to these books and other physical media; flip through these shelves with a few dividers and save a ton of your time.

Choose an off-the-desk management system for magazines: To prevent weekly subscribed magazines from getting mounted up ; look for double decker folders that can be easily attached to office walls. These wall files can be used to store other files which you want to share with employees as well. They act as a great routing source for entire office.

Organizing office in a consistent manner can be a daunting task. One needs to organize the space creatively and efficiently. Unless one is cleaning his desk and organizing filing system well; he would find himself buried under piles of papers. To help streamline your work place; buy the best office essentials by grabbing office supplies coupons available at CouponAlbum and follow these wonderful tips to make your workplace elegant!!!

Author: Maria Johnson


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